every face
tells a story.

Every story unique. Every story constantly changing.
You may not understand what it’s saying, but we
do. That’s why every Dermalogica skin therapist is
trained to read skin via a comprehensive analysis we
call Face Mapping®. The result? A personalized skin
fitness plan for your healthiest future skin.

Receive your own complimentary Face Mapping® and achieve your healthiest future skin.

find your nearest Dermalogica Skin Therapist to book a complimentary Face Mapping® analysis.


Stand a chance to win
R10 000 worth of Dermalogica products

Share your own skin health story

Hashtags: #myskinmystory | #dermalogicasa

T’s and C’s: One winner will be selected per region and receive R10 000 retail value worth of Dermalogica
products as per their Face Mapping® prescription sheet. Winner will be announced 30 April 2017

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