Dermalogica Premium Skin Care Professionals (PSP) Programme

  At Dermalogica we believe that the professional skin care therapist is the secret weapon to achieving the best skin ever! We recognise how hard you work to obtain and maintain skin results, so we have developed an incentive programme that you will be proud to be part of.


The objective behind this programme is to ensure that your continuous motivation, dedication and commitment to the brand is rewarded and valued. The PSP Programme recognises you for your commitment to education, which in turn allows you to achieve higher unit sales targets. We would like to encourage all our skin care therapists to become a Premium Skin Care Professional. We recognise the skin care therapist for their commitment to embracing the Dermalogica philosophy and upholding the highest status of professionalism in the skin care industry. Achieving your highest status of performance and ensuring the consumer’s experience is one of continued excellence within your Dermalogica Skin care centre, will lead to recognition amongst your peers and credibility with clients. There are 6 different status levels that can be achieved within the PSP Programme, namely:

Non-Therapist (this is for the non-therapist that deals with walk-in clients and manages front of house) Therapist (this is for the for the professional skin care therapist that offers professional treatments to the consumer)
Retailer Start up

Upon achieving PSP status, you will receive a gift of 'congratulations'.  Once a status as been achieved, the achievement remains i.e. you are a PSP for life!
Thereafter, a more alluring monthly product incentive can be claimed for.  This claim may fall into any PSP incentive bracket, and may occur on an ongoing basis (the PSP can claim on their status or higher or lower)




Step 1:

Redeem and compile incentive forms If you work from a computerized system – submit and print out of the units for that month If you work from a receipt book – submit copies of the receipts (proof of purchase) If you work from a calendar – submit the filled in copy of the calendar with products sold for that month Units include all Dermalogica’s skin health system and segementation lines as well as Clear Start products (this excludes all travel sized products and climate control lip treatments)

Step 2:

Submit your incentive forms within one month following the sale to your brand consultant or regional sales co-ordinator, which will in turn let you know what you can claim for, for the month


The recommended monthly unit target needs to be achieved on average for 3 months in order to qualify for status. These incentives will be based on the receipt and proof for the relevant period and by the stipulated submission date. Monthly incentives can only be backdated by a month