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  • Sensitivity: genetic, or environmental?

    A true sensitive skin condition is caused by a genetic predisposition, commonly found in those who have very fair skin and usually of Northern European ancestry. This could be caused...

  • meet the professional dermalogica skin care therapist

    Dermalogica has a legacy of award-winning products, loved by beauty editors and consumers worldwide. Behind all of it, is the highly-trained Professional Skin Care Therapist – an essential part of...

  • Dermalogica - our South African story

    we love Dermalogica and we believe that this brand changes skin and…changes lives. our dermalogica journey Dermalogica South Africa has a very special and unique history, one that is centred...

  • Winterising your skin

    Your skin may just need some extra TLC during the winter season. Lower humidity levels, extreme cold, varying indoor and outdoor environments can all cause damage to the skins protective...