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  • what toll does travel take on my skin?

    Zero humidity, recycled air, chemicals galore and fluctuating temperatures. You’re strapped to your seat with your knees somewhere near your ears.  Sound like in-flight fun to you?  Think about what...

  • destination: healthy skin!

    Varying temperatures during travel can trigger dry, stressed skin. Don't pack your bags until you view our video on preventing travel-induced skin issues! Multi-Active Toner Refresh and soothe with this...

  • Sensitivity: genetic, or environmental?

    A true sensitive skin condition is caused by a genetic predisposition, commonly found in those who have very fair skin and usually of Northern European ancestry. This could be caused...

  • preventing acne on the body

    Blackheads and whiteheads can appear anywhere on the face, chest, back, or even lower! Blackheads occurring on the body are most common in those with genetically oily skin. However, a person...

  • Quenching summer’s thirst

    What do we all have in common in the summer? Yes it's the return of the thirsty, moisture-starved skin, compliments of crash diets, air conditioning, travel and too many mojitos!  If you’ve...