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dermalogica is now a proud corporate member of SAAHSP

Dermalogica was an education company before we became the number one brand for professional skin care. Education has always been the heart of our business and the professionals we educate makes that heart beat every day in their skin centres. In the words of Jane Wurwand, Dermalogica’s founder and chief visionary; “we are the last industry that physically touches people”. That is an incredible gift we can give to our customers every day and that is something that should be highlighted and celebrated.

Dermalogica aims to offer our skin centre business partners with education that is not only focused on product knowledge but rather education to uplift industry skills and expertise. The customer of today researches brands before she / he walk through a skin centre’s doors and it is therefore to every skin centre owners benefit to invest in education. The skin centre that educates their consumers will gain loyal consumers that feel the value in their brand/s versus feeling as if they are “pushed” into purchasing a brand and most probably never return to the skin centre.

That is why Dermalogica has decided to become a corporate member of SAAHSP and accredit our education workshops with CPD (continual professional development) points. Dermalogica has always offered training free of charge to all our skin centre business partners and colleges but we needed to take it to the next level by partnering with industry leaders to ensure the quality of education and skills developed in our skin care industry.

By committing to the SAAHSP CPD programme, you demonstrate:

  • Commitment to a level of excellence.
  • Passion in your occupation.
  • Desire to constantly improve.
  • Interest in the developments within the industry in terms of products, services and business management.
  • Your competence as a therapist in running and/or contributing to the running of a sustainable business.

Dermalogica now offer CPD points on the following education workshops:

  • dermalogica live! 10 CPD points
  • dermalogica nano 5 CPD points
  • conversation techniques 2 CPD points
  • age smart 2 CPD points
  • medibac clearing 2 CPD points
  • ultracalming 2 CPD points
  • powerbright 1 CPD points
  • master your craft 2 CPD points
  • knowing SA skin 2 CPD points
  • wildly creative workshop 1 CPD points
  • ionactive expert strength treatment 2 CPD points
  • biosurface peel 2 CPD points
  • formula works 2 CPD points
  • superior customization = superior results 2 CPD points
  • tribal refresh, revive and reconnect 5 CPD points
  • Dermalogica treatment journey 2 CPD points
  • connect and sell 2 CPD points
  • business acumen 1 CPD points
  • business planning for 2017 1 CPD points
  • kick start your business 1 CPD points

Every employer pays a percentage of each employee’s salary towards the skills development fund. Sending employees on CPD accredited workshops at Dermalogica gives the skin centre owner a tax benefit as skills development can be claimed back from SARS.

Dermalogica wishes to challenge each and every skin care professional and skin care centre to join us in keeping our industry standards high by joining SAAHSP at a minimal monthly fee (please visit the SAAHSP website for details).

Together we can keep our industry in the lime light and highlight the importance of visiting a professional skin care therapist for professional skin care advise.