multi-benefit bundles

multi-benefit bundles

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  1. beginners retinol renewal trio
    daytime defense with hydrating renewal & repair

    Starting at R1,100.00

  2. detox and repair age smart duo
    detoxify resurface revitalize

    Starting at R1,150.00

  3. exfoliate and replenish body spa duo
    our brightening, nourishing body pair

    Starting at R850.00

  4. the multivitamin treatment squad
    firm, nourish and repair ageing skin

    Starting at R990.00

  5. biolumin-c duo
    our brightening, firming power couple

    Starting at R1,325.00

  6. clear start | daytime acne defenders
    clear and mattify breakout-prone skin

    Starting at R350.00

  7. double cleanse duo
    soap-free cleansing duo

    Starting at R695.00

7 Items

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Set Descending Direction