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destination: healthy skin!

Varying temperatures during travel can trigger dry, stressed skin. Don't pack your bags until you view our video on preventing travel-induced skin issues!

Multi-Active Toner

Refresh and soothe with this alcohol-free, Aloe Vera and Cucumber toner that helps rehydrate and relieve dryness. Conveniently mist over skin after cleansing and throughout travel to boost hydration levels.


MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment

Rehydrate, restore and help prevent premature ageing triggered by frequent handwashing with this fast-absorbing, antioxidant rich hand cream. Bonus: massage your hands to boost circulation to prevent in-flight puffiness!


Renewal Lip Complex

Get long lasting hydration and defense against premature ageing with this peptide-enriched lip conditioner. Sweep over lips throughout the day to moisturise and shield.